Affordable Housing in Pakistan

My side hustle is researching affordable housing. So far I have written three papers on affordable housing challenges in Pakistan for Tabadlab , an independent think tank based in Pakistan. As my background is in project financing, I approach the project from the financing challenge.

Optimizing the Naya Pakistan Housing Policy Opportunity

This was the first policy paper I co-wrote on the subject. I review the Naya Pakistan Housing Policy direction. The policy paper focused on provision of income to the low income segment of the population. We say that a low income focused strategy is unviable and suggest expanding it to middle income segment of the population to make it viable. You can read more about it and the paper here.

Low Cost Housing: Just Out of Reach

This was a short report I co-wrote when the government of Pakistan formally announced the low cost housing finance policy. We analyzed the policy against the demographic characteristics of the low income population and showed that the announced policy will not meet the needs of target market. You can read the short paper in e-reader friendly version here (which I recommend as it looks pleasant) or the online version here.

Mortgage Market Design For Low Cost Housing Units in Pakistan

This is the most exhaustive paper I wrote. It reviews the mortgage design literature and proposes a mortgage model that I believe overcomes the shortcomings high lighted in the above two papers while also allowing the government to reach some of its housing goals. You can read more about the paper here.